We contribute internationally by acting as a bridge between Asia through trading operations centered on China.

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Corporate Philosophy:

In 2015, we were established as a trading agency as our main business. However, with the cooperation of many of our customers, suppliers, and employees, we have expanded to mainly exporting food and beverages and importing packaging materials.

We believe that the concept of "Wa (harmony)" is common to everyone who has cooperated with us. For this reason, we will put into practice the following based on "Wa".

Manufacturing Department:

Ingredients that the producers can see are carefully processed, research is conducted daily, and efforts are made to create products that will please customers.

Sales Department:

Our number priority is customer satisfaction and the opinion of our customers is reflected in our products.

Purchasing Department:

We always make sure to visit the manufacturing sites to ensure that the customer's requests are correctly conveyed.

Human Resource Department:

We strive to nurture employees so they are willing to take action without fear of failure, and have mutual respect and compassion for each other while enjoying their work. More today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today, and each day thereon, we will have our people grow to become reliable people worthy of our company name.

Main customers:

Japan: S Foods Co., Ltd., Otokoyama Co., Ltd., Kumesen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Kobe City Fishery Cooperative, Kobe Liquor Sales Co., Ltd., Kobe Design Room Co., Ltd., Kobe Agricultural Policy Public Corporation, Kokubun Nishi-Nihon Corp., Konotomo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Koyama Honke Sake Brewery Group, Sun Foods Co., Ltd., Nagahama Roman Beer Co., Ltd., Japan Sangaria Beverage Company, Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Hiroshima Chozame, Fukunishiki Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Wine Co., Ltd., Meiri Shurui Co., Ltd., Wakatsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Asian countries, Europe, America, Brazil, Australia

Headquarters (Japan) Contact Information
Company Name GrowStars Inc.
Contents of Business

Manufacture and sales of alcoholic beverages, export, import, and sales of alcoholic beverages, Export sales of marine products, agricultural products, livestock products, soft drinks, processed foods, Import and sales of alcoholic beverage production equipment, design, manufacture, and sales of alcoholic beverage materials

Location 3-1-2 Isobe-dori Daiwa Estate Sannomiya Building 706 Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi 651-0084
TEL/FAX TEL 078-855-7631 FAX 078-855-7630
Date of Establishment March 23, 2015
Board of Directors Representative Director      Zhang Yu
Director            Shunji Sekido
Capital 10 million yen
Banks Banshu Shinkin Bank, Amagasaki Shinkin Bank
Hyakujushi Bank, Nisshin Shinkin Bank


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